About Domstocks.com


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David Chelly

NddCamp co-founder and domain name investor, David imagined Domstocks to automate the sales process of Domain names he has personally selected

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Laurence Chapelain

Laurence pre-selects from huge lists of Domain names to be offered for Snap or Pre-release auctions on all platforms. With her tools and her lynx eye, she spots gems and eliminates ill domain names (Spam, Brands issues, etc.)

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Marc-Olivier Bernard

Developer of the Domstocks.com website from scratch and back-end manager, front-end and infrastructure, Marc-Olivier develops software components for all the aspects of media publishing, starting with Domain names

Our service is operated by Domstocks.com, whose activity is registered in Spain under registration number ESX8086178E. All software are escrowed by Logitas.com.

Hosting by OVH France, 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France.

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